Common S2000 Errors

So you have an error message displayed in the blue what?!?!?!?! No worries, we can help you fix it and get your machine back in working order in no time!

Below are some of the more common errors for the IGT S2000 platform of machines and the steps to clear them. Remember, IGT S2000 machines will "stack" errors. IF the machine has multiple errors, only ONE error will be cleared each time the door is opened and closed. If you know that the cause of the error has been fixed, simply lift up on the door handle/latch, and lower it back down. You do not have to physically open and close the door, just lifting and lowering the door handle will clear the error code from the screen.

If you find you need to Clear and/or Key your machine, we have easy to follow instructions. A Clear chip is not a FIX-ALL! If you have a component that has failed or is causing an error, the error will reoccur after the Clear if the problem is not remedied.

Call Attendant - Turn the brass Reset key on the side of the machine once to see the error(s).

Door Open M - Main Door is open. Close the main door.

Door Open B - Belly Door is open. Close the belly door.

Door Open MB - Door to the cash can is open. Close the door to the cash box and secure if needed.

Low Battery - Battery in the corner of the MPU board has dropped to an insufficient level. Replace with a 3.6v Lithium battery (either coin type, AA, or 1/2AA size). The battery will need to be soldered onto the board. Pease NOTE: STANDARD household batteries are NOT an acceptable replacement.

NetPlex Link Down - Usually this is caused by a failed power supply (given the machine was operating as it should prior to the error).

Now...for the fun part! Certain components in your machine can fail causing false error messages to appear. The error can be completely unrelated to the item listed in the message. For example, a Door Open messages when the door is physically closed could be a sign of bad door optics, or perhaps a failing I/O board. A Coin-In Jam error on a coinless machine can also be caused by a failed Door I/O board.

If you run into an error that you cannot get to clear, feel free to contact us or visit the great forums at for answers!

Don't see what you're looking for or have a question? Just email us at and we'll be happy to help!