Slot machines were not designed for use outside of a casino, so at times they are not particularly "user friendly". On occasion, your machine will show a number (error code) in the display that will not go away and the machine will not accept coins or play. The machine is just telling you something isn't right!

If you were in a casino, you would just ask the next employee that walked by, but at home, you must fix it yourself (or pay for someone to come fix it for you!). Many errors are easily cleared, so don't despair!

Below we have listed some of the more common IGT S-Plus errors and the steps to clear them.

12 - Indicates a Low Battery; Replace Lithium Battery on Board

21 - Coin In Tilt; Check for jammed coins in the comparitor, Open/Close Door

3100 - Extra Coin Out; Open/Close Door

3200 - Coin Out Tilt; Open/Close Door

3300 - Hopper Empty; Refill the Hopper & Close Door

41 thru 45 - Reel Tilt; Open/Close Door

61 - Push White button for 2-3 seconds. Close the door.

61 1 - Turn Reset key on side of machine ONCE.

If you do not find a solution to the problem you are experiencing or if the error code you have is not addressed above, please take a few minutes to visit the great folks at for answers to ALL of your slot machine questions!

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