Some General Info & Tips for the Slot Machine Owner

No matter what make or model slot machine you own, below are some general tips that will make your life easier and allow you to enjoy your slot machine with the least amount of headaches.

~ DON'T take the coin out of the door!! Inside the door of your slot machine will be a coin comparitor that holds a coin. That coin is there for a reason, it is NOT jammed! The machine compares every coin that is dropped in the coin slot to whatever coin is in the door, hence, removing the coin in the comparitor will render your machine inoperable. It's the reason a quarter machine will not accept nickels, dimes, or pennies!

~ DON'T dump your jar of change into the hopper without sorting through it first. Even 1 nickel in a hopper full of quarters will jam in the hopper! Same goes for any other items that make their way into loose change jars and buckets.

~Clean the outside of your machine using only a damp cloth and Windex (or similiar glass cleaner). When in doubt, use a damp (not dripping wet) cloth.

~ No routine cleaning is required inside of the machine. There is a risk of shock, so unless you are filling/emptying the hopper, there's really no reason to be inside the machine! We have done dozens of repairs due to someone "just looking around" or "fixing" something in a machine. If it's not know the rest, DON'T FIX IT!!

~Always make sure your machine is bolted to the stand it is on, and especially with small children in the house!! Children like to climb, and they could easily pull the machine off balance enough that it could fall/tip over off the stand. A couple of bolts is worth it to avoid injuring someone!

~ Plug your slot machine into a surge protector/power strip and use that to turn your machine On/Off. By leaving the Power Switch in an "On" position and plugging the power cord into power strip, you can turn the machine On/Off by just turning the power strip On/Off. This eliminates having to unlock the machine and reach inside to turn it On/Off each time you want to play!

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